Do YOU have the SCO TCP/IP development toolkit?

Tom Yager tyager at maxx.UUCP
Wed May 9 09:52:52 AEST 1990

In article <859 at>, tih at (Tom Ivar Helbekkmo) writes:
> I have a problem...  A few months ago, I got an OK from my boss to
> purchase a 386 system with SCO Unix V/386 3.2.0 and TCP/IP support,

[ problems obtaining SCO TCP/IP development tools ]

> So:  I'd like to get in touch with someone out there who has the
> TCP/IP toolkit in beta test, and who would be willing to either
> a)	let me send them source code to compile into object modules
> 	which they would send back to me,
> b)	let me use a telnet login on their machine for the same
> 	purpose, or
> c)	(dare I suggest it?) let me pirate a copy of the toolkit so
> 	I'll have something to work with until my own order is filled.
> Tom Ivar Helbekkmo, NHH, Bergen, Norway.  Telephone: +47-5-959205
> tih at, thelbekk at norunit.bitnet, edb_tom at

You might try sneaking in under SCO's "Early Availability Program." I don't
know who qualifies, but if you do, you might have no more serious problem than
simply having asked for the wrong thing.

If you can afford the extra bucks, you might be able to get the full Open
Desktop developer's kit before the unbundled network libraries start selling.
There will be a lot of stuff you won't use, including another copy of the
C compiler, plus X Window and SQL development tools, but the TCP/IP socket
and other libraries are a standard part of this distribution.

Get in touch with SCO, ask for info about their Early Availability Program, 
and tell them you want the ODT developer's kit.

Good luck!

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