Help with FAS 2.06 under ESIX (rev C) - LOST ADDRESS

Terry Conklin conklin at frith.uucp
Sat May 26 15:06:37 AEST 1990


Please forgive the post. I am (still) looking for help with installing
FAS 2.06 under ESIX.  Someone who had succeeded (mostly) in fact sent
me mail. I sent a detailed reply, apparently into the realms of Voyager
1. Could that person, or anyone having success with ESIX & FAS 2.06
contact me (again.)

Terry Conklin
conklin at           "How is it, with a zillion dollars worth
uunet!frith!conklin            hardware, that our software mailers are
The Club (517) 372-3131        LESS reliable than U.S. Postal employees!"

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