X11 prob w/386ix 2.0.2

Vidiot brown at vidiot.UUCP
Sun May 6 12:37:33 AEST 1990

In article <29614 at cup.portal.com> roblingelbach at cup.portal.com (R A Lingelbach) writes:
<If anyone can shed some light on the following problem, I'd much
<appreciate it.
<I'm having a problem getting X11 (Xwindows) to run with 386ix.
<I have configured the asy driver and rebuilt the kernel to support the
<Logitech serial mouse on COM2; then installed the X11 package and again
<rebuilt the kernel.  I have installed the X3 "server" fix from Interactive,
<which does not ask for a kernel rebuild.
<The entry in /usr/lib/X11/Xconfig reads:
<Resource        Type    Info            Display Device
<mouse           LOGI-S  "1200 3"        0       /dev/tty01
<display         EGA     "640x350 16 11x8" 0     /dev/console
<keyboard        AT      101             0       /dev/console:dev/vt%02d
<It won't come up when I issue "xinit" like it's supposed to...I get messages:
< WARNING: Cannot create TCP socket::no such file or directory
< Fatal server error: the Logitech mouse is not responding--check the connecti
< & try again. If it still fails, try unplugging & replugging the mouse.
< XIO: fatal I/O error 32 on xserver "??"  Broken pipe after 0 requests
< (0 known processed) with 0 events remaining.  The connection was probably
< broken by a server shutdown or Kill client.
<Since I don't have TCP/IP installed at the moment the first message is
<"expected".  I do have the STREAMS facility installed.
<The mouse problem I don't understand because the configuration is pretty
<simple, and it responds in plain Unix if I use "cat < /dev/tty01" and
<move the mouse around.
<Is the I/O error due to the mouse problem?
<Thanks in advance for pointing me in any helpful directions.

If you have X11 version 1.0, get the update right away, as some files were
left off some of the distribution disks.  I am awaiting my upgrade to fix
the same problem.
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