Connecting Microport to a network

David Kozinn david at monymsys.uucp
Fri May 4 11:11:29 AEST 1990

I'm in the process of setting up a small TCP/IP network which will primarily be
based around some HP Starlan-10 (ie, twisted-pair ethernet) cards. I've also
got this nice Microport System V/386 sitting under my desk, and it occurs to
me that it'd be nice to be able to hook it into that network. The Starlan
cards look like 3Com 3C501 cards, making them pretty compatible with the world
of Ethernet software at large. What I need to know is what kind of software is
required to make this system talk over the Ethernet to the other systems on
the network? All the other systems (a few PCs running NCSA, a couple running
FTP software's PC/TCP Plus, and some Unix boxes that have the "standard"
networking software) have the software necessary to network "built-in", but
I'm not aware of any software that already resides on this uPort box that will
do the trick.

What's out there (preferably public domain; I might have a hard time
convincing my boss why I need to spend money to put my "toy" uPort system on
the "real" network) that I can use to get hooked up to the rest of my little

Oh yes, I guess I should mentioned that by "hooked up" I'd like to be able to
(at a minimum) rlogin or telnet to any of the other hosts, and if possible
FTP software back and do NFS-flavor mounts of drives across systems. Is there
any hope?

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