GCC Software under ESIX

Weil timothy trw at aplcen.apl.jhu.edu
Sun May 27 02:00:36 AEST 1990

This is the 2nd msg. I've posted to this conference.
Message 1 solicited replies from JPL, NASA, STANFORD, 
So I've looked into the 'GNU' software at sequent.kent.edu
& prep.ai.mit.edu and transferred the GNUCHESS & GCC
binaries.  ARE THERE OTHER SUPPORTING /lib files for  these
programs?  WILL THEY PORT DIRECTLY TO ESIX (no install or
configuration?).   What are all the related 'xxx.Z' utilities
for (diff.Z, grep.Z).  I'd appreciated conferencing with
ESIX users about which 'GNU' programs are worth migrating
to ESIX, what directories are targeted, & other related
Thanks Again....

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