X Support for > 16 colours/ImaGraph

Rob Marchand rob at array
Thu May 3 03:35:36 AEST 1990

Hello all,
	I've been asked to see if there exists any X server support
	for > 16 colours (under 386ix) -- I believe that that is all
	there is right now (I know there is a 256 colour version
	in the works at Interactive, or so I hear from you guys :-).
	In particular we're looking at support for 24-bit colour
	on a smart (no... really?) board.  I believe we may be looking
	at some type of ImaGraph (1200?) graphics board, but I'm not
	sure.  I guess I'm just fishing for some information.  

	Mail me any responses, and I'll summarize if required...
		Thanks in Advance,
		Rob Marchand
		rob at array.UUCP
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