hardware costs, again...

John Plocher plocher at Eng.Sun.COM
Sat May 26 11:08:24 AEST 1990

+-- In <1990May25.004135.351 at ico.isc.com> rcd at ico.isc.com (Dick Dunn) writes
| For a system to run X and be nice about it (i.e., trying to be not quite at
| the bottom), take their 25 MHz machine: 4 Mb, both size floppies, 110 Mb
| ESDI, VGA/monitor and ports as above, for $3100.
| 	Add 4 Mb for about $400, modem as above.  Get a decent mouse,
| 	around $100.  Maybe push the disk up to 150.  If you want it to be
| 	snappy, add $500 for cache.  Probably drop one floppy.  This puts
| 	you in the $3500-4000 range.

To put it in perspective, (Yes, I know this sounds like a plug), the new Sun SLC
comes with
	Monochrome 17" display (1152 X 900)
	8 Mb RAM (expandable up to 40 some Meg)
	12.5 MIPS (~8 SPECmarks)
	Ethernet, 2 X serial, 8KHz Audio I/O, kbd & mouse, SCSI controller (no disks)

	SunOS 4.1 Unix Full BSD *and* Full System V compatable
		(In net terms, includes "Base" + "SW Dev" + "Text")
	Standard X11r4 from MIT -or- OpenWindows from Sun (X + NeWS/PostScript)

	$3k-$5k depending on qty, educational discounts, etc
	+ $250 Media charge for OS tape -or-  + $600 Media and full Manual set
	$800 - $1k 3rd party 110Mb SCSI drive


	$4k - $6k (And NO FAN noise!!!)

 -John (Yes I know it isn't a 386 :-) Plocher

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