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In article <889 at sixhub.UUCP> davidsen at sixhub.UUCP (bill davidsen) writes:

->  I think that this person is what you would call a "groupie" for SCO.
->He is infatuated with their wonderfullness and wants us all to share it.
->I can't believe that SCO would be crazy enough to allow anyone
->associated with them to do this, even from a personally owned machine. I
->am surprised that they have not taken an official position against this,
->since it draws bad publicity for them and seems to gain them no benefits.

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 I'm kind of suprised that a net moderator would try to stifle discussion
with intimidating posts like this one.  It doesn't bother me much, but
it well might keep some people from posting.  Do you really think these
postings will have any effect on SCO's ( or any other vendors ) business?

Who do you think is going to pay any attention to what you say when you
continue to fill your postings with blatant untruths ( lie is too strong
a word ).

Almost every posting I have made lately has been in response to the above
and its like.  Hey, I've got other things to do besides explaining things
to you.

Try a little experiment - print out all these postings - take out the names
then give it to a few people who know nothing about it.  They will
probably burst out laughing and ask what high school it came from.

rb duc

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