386/ix Xwindows 1.1 etc.

Tom Herbert herbert at ektools.UUCP
Sat May 26 01:45:27 AEST 1990

In attempting to start X after installing 1.1 I ran into a problem which
leads me to ask a couple of questions.

But first,  when I attempt to start the server I get the message:
Could not get X line discipline number no such device or address:

X open device failed.
The Xconfig file is set to Xvga with the device:
My guess that it is failing on the ioctl call to device /dev/vt03.  
I get the same results if I force it to another vt device.
The device can be "catted", and it works as a terminal if I enable it as a vt 
in inittab.

I think that some incompatibility crept in with the sequence of deleting and
reinstalling packages.

Before installing X 1.1, I did the following:
1.      uninstalled X, 
2.      uninstalled NFS and 
3.      uninstalled TCP/IP.  
4.      I then built a kernel without these packages (not without 
5.      installed TCP/IP 1.1.2
6.      installed NFS 2.0
7.      installed yellow pages 2.0
8.      installed yellow pages 2.0 commands.

All these seem to work.

My questions are as follows:

1.      Would it be possible to provide a list of files with all packages in
        the documentation to make it easy to hand uninstall packages when
        the uninstall script runs into difficulty? I know that some of the
        packages do this.

2.      Where might the incompatability be?  Did one of the other packages
        change the interface to the device ala termio.h?  I notice that the
        zenix file system packages adds additional stuff to the structure for
        the ioctl call in termio.h.

3.      Is there residual 1.0 X stuff being linked into the Xvga server,
        or other no-no stuff being linked in with the kernel?
        What is the best way to find out short of wiping out the disk and
        reinstalling all the software?

4.      Why are new copies of the commands such as /bin/ls etc required for
        yellow pages?                       

Thank you very much for any help in advance.

'Insert appropriate disclaimer.'

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Tom Herbert
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