386ix and Parallel Printers

Geoff Steckel - Sun BOS Software gsteckel at diag2.East.Sun.COM
Tue May 1 06:37:55 AEST 1990

I, too, am having trouble with my parallel printer using PC/ix, and Interactive
is stumped.  The problem is that output is >>>EXTREMELY<<< slow... like about
10 chars/sec max.  This behavior is seen when doing `cat file > /dev/lp1',
so it isn't a spooler problem.

A few weeks ago I saw the tail end of a discussion of a similar problem,
ending with `don't use keymap'.   I don't, unless it's buried in a standard
distribution .????rc file which I can't find.

Of course, if I boot DOS, the printer works just fine, thanks.  AAARRRGGHH.

Any enlightenment appreciated.
	geoff steckel (gwes at wjh12.harvard.EDU)
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