Problems booting ISC on 386SX

Jerry Shekhel jerry at polygen.uucp
Sat May 5 05:30:24 AEST 1990

Hello.  I'm trying to install ISC 386/ix 2.0.2 on a 386SX system with
a Chicony motherboard filled w/4MB SIMM RAM.  The disk controller
is a WD1003-WA2.  It is a totally vanilla 386SX system, without any
fancy network cards, or anything else.  I've had no problems running
OS/2 1.1 and Windows/386 on this system.  The graphics card, by the
way is a Paradise Autoswitch EGA/350.

The boot disk puts the message "Booting the UNIX System..." on the
screen, spins a bit, then the hard drive light goes on for a second,
and then everything just hangs.

Has anyone else seen such a problem?  Any help will be greatly
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