Pseudo-Terminal Driver under ix/368 2.01: Broken?

Ed Hall edhall at
Wed May 30 05:34:03 AEST 1990

I've been busily attempting to bring up the recently posted version of
X11R4.  My server seems to be running, and I can get twm and a number
of clients (xclock, xcalc) working.  But I've hit a brick wall: xterm
causes an instantaneous system crash.  As near as I can tell the problem
occurs during the initialization of the pseudo-terminal device to be
used for terminal emulation (i.e. not the server connection).

Since everyone else has been using 386/ix 2.02 as their base, I'm
wondering if there have been some repairs to the pseudoterminal
driver between releases, or other such changes.  Were there patches?

Upgrading is, alas, not a near-term solution (I'll eventually be
moving to 2.2 (or the new SysVR4-based product if I string things out
long enough and upgrades are possible), but not for a little while).

Any tips?  Fixes?

		-Ed Hall
		edhall at

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