Multiport Serial Boards...

Tom Neff tneff at bfmny0.UU.NET
Thu May 3 12:49:06 AEST 1990

In article <407 at mtndew.UUCP> friedl at mtndew.UUCP (Steve Friedl) writes:
>In general, uugetty sucks.  There are real problems with DTR
>contention between the incoming and outgoing devices, and I bet a
>donut that nobody out there actually has it working 100% right
>all of the time.  I have had a dozen people try to claim the
>donut, but *every time* it turned out that they had compromised
>on at least one area.

I have it working perfectly.  AT&T V/386 3.2.1, IPC 802 multiport serial
adapter, uugetty 1.1 3.2 06/24/88.  I prefer hardware flow control.
Incoming and outgoing uucp and logins work fine.

I did write a daemon that sits and clears CLOCAL on unused dialup lines
every so often, because of a bug in the IPC drivers, but that's not
uugetty's fault (UUCICO forgets to clear it if login fails).  No
compromise has been necessary.  It works all the time.

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