Problems with MMDF II under SCO UNIX 3.2

Ray Shwake shwake at raysnec.UUCP
Wed May 30 07:12:53 AEST 1990

	Despite my historic aversion to earlier versions of this package,
SCO *does* come with MMDF IIb as the default mailer, and I wanted to see
what works, what doesn't, etc. The package is not long for this platform,
but while I've got it, I'm trying to resolve two problems among others:

	First - though this is more of an annoyance - posted mail and some
(but not all) of the log files show time stamps identical with Grenwich
Mean Time, rather than the local EDT. Why?

	Second - and more seriously - many locally posted messages are
not delivered. They stay behind in /usr/spool/mmdf/lock/home/{addr,msg}
and associated subdirectories. Checkque shows there are no pending messages,
but I count 13 messages in the spool. Error messages in msg.log are of two
general types:

Sample 1:
 5/29 15:44:41 submit2276:  [SYSERR (2) No such file or directory]  err [ ABEND (NDEL) ]   No valid addresses

Sample 2:
 5/28 19:12:08 inews-0547:  [SYSERR (13) Permission denied]  err [ ABEND (FCRT) ]   Can't create text file to be queued.

	I never receive a message back if the destination is not recognized.
I had changed permissions on my mailbox to the System V style (owned by
group mail, 660), but even changing permissions back to 666 did not help.
Yet even with 660 permissions rmail and mail *can* post to my box! Ideas?
Please email. I will followup.

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