ATI VGA1024 in ISC 386/ix problem with driver

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Wed May 2 14:46:49 AEST 1990

>>> I have a 386/25 and a OEM version of the ATI VGA WONDER (VGA1024) with
>>> 512k.  I am running 386ix with X windows.  The problem is I can only
>>> get standard VGA to work.  When I configure X windows for the ATI card
>>> I get an unsynced scrambled image on the screeen.  Standard VGA works
>>Which version of X?  According to ISC, the VGA Wonder should work
>>in 800 by 600 with 512K on the board - using X release 1.1
>I beleive it is version 1.1. My manual also says it should work in 800
>x 600 mode with the ATI card, but it don't.  The monitor and card
>appear functional under DOS using the test program from ATI.
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I have the same problem. I upgraded to 1.1 ($50) so I could use the 800x600
mode of this card to find out that there was a bug in ISCs driver which
will not be corrected until 1.2 (another $50?). I hope they also put in
support for the 1024x763/16 color mode of the VGA Wonder. From what I
understand, the problem is ISC purchased one of ATIs earlier versions
of the board for testing. They did not know there were a few revisions
of the card out there. Since it is a popular card with a good price
I am sure ISC will now start to fully support it.


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