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Stuart Lynne sl at van-bc.UUCP
Thu May 3 16:51:46 AEST 1990

In article <217 at pcssc.UUCP> dma at pcssc.UUCP (Dave Armbrust) writes:

}I  was not able to set up a user called no on my Xenix/386 system  because
}it  is only a 2 character user name.  I had assumed that having a alias of

Huh, since when. I've used sl as a Unix user ID for going on five years on
small systems here.

Oh - you mean that the sysadmsh won't accept a user id less than three.

}The  intention of comp.unix.sco is to have one groups that will  encompass
}all of the above for SCO users.  In this new group discussions, questions,
}bug  reports,  ect.  regarding ALL SCO products can take place.  This  new
}group  is  neither  technical or non-technical, all posting  are  welcome.
}This  group  comp.unix.sco  can  be used for  simple  questions  or  heavy
}technical discussions.  This group is not limited to discussions regarding
}SCO  Operating  Systems (UNIX/XENIX).  Posting regarding SCO  applications
}are  welcome  in this group.  Even posting regarding SCO  applications  on

If you want a general discussion area for SCO it should *NOT* be under
comp.unix. That's where discussion of Unix takes place. Perhaps a comp.sco
or biz.sco or alt.sco. 

There may or may not be some merit to another comp.unix group to discuss the
SCO version of Unix but creating a group there to discuss topics that are
not related to Unix except that they run under unix is a bad idea.

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