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> Subject line says it all, which is superior ?

I think SCSI will pay off for you if you:

[from PW]

1. Want a single system interface that can connect to
   multiple disk drives, optical drives, scanners, printers,
   and other periphs.

2. Want to make it easier to add larger faster drives with
   innovative features.
   (this is absolutely true, as yesterday we added a 333meg
    Maxtor to a system and it was just about plug-and-go,
    not formatting is NICE!!)

3. Regularly access large files and tranfer large blocks.
   [makes SCSI overhead less of an issue, however some
    hardware makers (NCR is one) has employed a processor
    to offload the SCSI overhead (actually SCSI-2).
 4. Choose multiple smaller drives rather than one large

>From working with SCSI, I especially appreciate #2. 

Hope this helps.
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