ATI VGA1024 in ISC 386/ix problem with driver

Mark Fisher fish at
Fri May 4 23:47:21 AEST 1990

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In article <W58*ZM- at> fischer at (Axel Fischer) writes:

   >>> I have a 386/25 and a OEM version of the ATI VGA WONDER (VGA1024) with
   >>> 512k.  I am running 386ix with X windows.  The problem is I can only
   >>> get standard VGA to work.  When I configure X windows for the ATI card
   >>> I get an unsynced scrambled image on the screeen.  Standard VGA works
   >>Which version of X?  According to ISC, the VGA Wonder should work
   >>in 800 by 600 with 512K on the board - using X release 1.1
   >I beleive it is version 1.1. My manual also says it should work in 800
   >x 600 mode with the ATI card, but it don't.  The monitor and card
   >appear functional under DOS using the test program from ATI.

   I have an ATI VGA Wonder and I have no trouble using it in 800x600 16 colors
   mode under X11R3 Version 1.1 (386/ix 2.02)

   However 1024x768 is not supported.

I think that my problem is that there are several versions of the ATI
VGA card and the version I have is not supported under X11R3 ISC
version 1.1.  The next release X11R3 ver 1.2 is suppose to fix this.
It boggles my brain a little bit that changes where made to the board
that make it incompatible with previous versions.  The next release of
ISC X11R3 is due out around the end of this month.
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