Interactive UNIX NFS 2.0

Rob Zomerdijk rzo at media01.UUCP
Tue May 8 19:47:16 AEST 1990

Hi there,

  We are using Interactive UNIX 386/ix V2.02 with TCP/IP V1.1.2 and
NFS V2.0. We have two computers (running the same software, the same
floppies), both mounting the save directories on the other one.
  First we didn't have any problems, but now we sometimes get the
following message on the console:

  NFS lookup failed for server <servername>: PROG VERS MISMATCH

  We can't find this error message anywhere in the documentation. 
Does this mean a PROGram VERSion MISMATCH??? When we continue to 
use the mount point ( `ls' ) we get:

  NFS readdir failed for server <servername>: PROG VERS MISMATCH


  NFS getattr failed for server <servername>: PROG VERS MISMATCH

I must mention we didn't have the problem for a long time, until 
we reinstalled one of our computers. Further the message doesn't 
occur always, just once in a while. And the last hint: at compu 1 we 
have a / and /usr file system, on the other one only a /. 

  An other (much smaller) problem is that if we write a file to the other
computer it is much slower then reading (getting) a file. Our supplier knows
the problem, but doesn't has a solution. Does anybody out there have one?

  Thanx for any reaction.

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