Mountain Tape with SCO UNIX System V/386 r3.2

Richard Goerwitz goer at sophist.uucp
Wed May 9 11:36:45 AEST 1990

In article <5434 at scorn.sco.COM> rogerk at sco.COM (Roger Knopf 5502) writes:
>In article <936 at s6.Morgan.COM> amull at Morgan.COM (Andrew P. Mullhaupt) writes:
>>I have installed a Mountain Filesafe TD4000 'floppy' tape drive
>>(it uses DC2000 cartridges) in a dual boot DOS/UNIX system.  It
>>works fine in DOS, but I can't get UNIX to do anything with it.
>The Mountain 4000 comes without a drive select jumper. Their DOS
>software does drive select without the jumper. Under SCO Unix or
>Xenix you have to put a jumper on. Sorry, but I don't know how to
>do it if it is not described in Mountain's literature I know they
>have a tech support line which can describe this to you.

Here's the deal.  The DOS drivers put out by Mountain use a software
switch which allows the TD4000 to be daisy-chained off the B floppy.
Under Xenix, this won't work.  You can't have both the drive and the
floppy.  Also, you have to pull your case off, and put a jumper on
the back of the drive.  This is no big deal.  I think I even have
some directions around for how to do it.  I'll email them to you
if you need them.  Mountain can also give you directions, but you have
to make sure you talk to one of the support people who knows Xenix.

One of the things SCO is still doing for Xenix is working on drivers
for peripherals like this.  The last release of sls118e or whatever it is
(for tape drives of this sort) allows you to use a MTN drive, but only
under the circumstances outlined above.  Perhaps a newer revision
exists now on sosco that works more like the DOS drivers.  I dunno.
Last I checked was a couple of months ago.

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