Using GCC/GAS Xenix on AT&T Unix V/386.3.2

Per Andersson perand at
Thu May 3 08:00:56 AEST 1990

In article <2496 at> jca at (John C. Archambeau) writes:
>Maybe I'd better refine the question, what's the difference between ordinary
>swapping and demand paging?  I've heard of systems having both and the demand
>pager kicking in when the swapper is heavily loaded.  Or am I listening to

Swapping is when you move whole processes in and out of memory, paging when
you move parts (pages). This is my favourite bashing of System V contra BSD.
System V up to and including 3.2 doesn't have paging ! The most recent trouble
I had with this was when installing the brand new 386/ix on my machine. 
I found some nice things not in the kernel, and added support for them, but no,
there was to little memory to run them. Then I tried to build a new kernel,
like the original one - bang. The linker process was to big to fit in memory 
at the same time as the OS, so it wouldn't build. Yawn..... Of course I could 
have read the manual but...
Now does anybody really know if Xenix/386 can do paging ?


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Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden
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