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Chris Lewis clewis at eci386.uucp
Sat May 5 08:40:58 AEST 1990

In article <299 at zds-ux.UUCP> bjstaff at zds-ux.UUCP (Brad Staff) writes:
| In article <7804 at>, pnessutt at (Bob Monio) writes:
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| > Some vendors have modified their tar and cpio programs to support 
| > multiple volume archives.  NCR has done this with their cpio
| > implementation.  But, not all vendors do this.  This is unfortunate
| > since some people don't have the luxury of large capacity tape
| > devices.
| Interactive has done this with 386/ix.  Here is what I get when I run the
| following command:  (Note that I am using the raw, not the block, floppy
| device.)

I've yet to see a version of cpio that doesn't "handle" end of media...  
(Eg: System III source tapes...).  And have seen few versions of tar that *do*.

The problem is that cpio considers *any* read or write error to 
be end of tape and prompts for the next tape.  Which, if the tape is 
partially defective, is definately wrong.  I suspect that some of the 
other tape archivers do the same - I distinctly remember pax once continually 
reprompting me because I had write protect on the tape.  Bit confusing to 
say the least.

I wish that there was an end of media errno.  (Though some tape drivers
apparently do something slightly different on EOM versus true errors)
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