386ix and Parallel Printers

Warren Tucker wht at n4hgf.uucp
Tue May 8 06:43:58 AEST 1990

In article <7813 at dmshq.mn.org> pnessutt at dmshq.mn.org (Bob Monio) writes:
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>>>>My advice: If you're not really running multi-user, ditch the spooler.
>>>>It's a pain in the caboose.  Just pump to /dev/lp and have a nice day.
>It's not just accounting.  The company I do some work for has a
>wholesale distribution package that does both; write directly to the
>serial printer and also use the spooler.  I'm not sure why it was
>originally done this way, but we are in the process of changing it.

Most of the check writing programs I have run into want more a
better feeling that check # blah-dee-blah has been printed than
just knowing it has been spooled, especially when printing on
checks with preprinted numbers.

Now as to the usual MIS daily/weekly detail tomes people rarely look at,
spoolers are more trusted :-).
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