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Tue May 8 10:53:42 AEST 1990

In article <1990May3.133709.386 at>, peter at (Peter Radig) writes:
> Dante_A_Nicolello at writes:
> >I am having two problems with an Archive 60 meg Fastape.
> >Problem one:
> >        Tape does not stream.
> Use the GNU tar with a appropiate blocking factor (I use -b2000, i.e.
> 1 MB buffer).
> Peter Radig
> USENET: peter at  or:  uunet!unido!radig!peter

I've got a nearly identical configuration running here, except that I've got
a 125MB Archive instead of the 60. Should be the same controller, though. I've
had no trouble getting it to stream to the tape, but be aware of this: The
tape NEVER streams when you do a verbose tar. Each group of lines that kicks
out to the display makes the tape do a start/stop.

Instead of "tar cvf /dev/rct0 /foo", try "tar cf /dev/rct0 /foo", or redirect
the output to a file ("tar cvf /dev/rct0 /foo >/tmp/filelist") if you want tar
to move faster.

If that doesn't work, you can up the blocking factor of tar by piping it
through dd, to wit: "tar cf - /foo | dd of=/dev/rct0 obs=262144". I've seen
some drives that take mysterious write errors on some block sizes, so this
may take some experimentation.

Good luck!

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