vga adapters for SCO ODT

Dion L. Johnson dionj at sco.COM
Thu May 3 10:22:33 AEST 1990

Our engineering folks tell me that the Video 7 1024i VGA board will
work in noninterlaced 1024x768 mode IFF you have the most recent
update UB (or UA).  You should have receive this update.  Of course,
you also need a monitor that can handle the bandwidth...

In article <61 at cdss.UUCP- pharmon at cdss.UUCP (Paul A. Harmon 5-230M) writes:
-I am looking for a 1024x768 non-interlaced vga adapter board to run
-under SCO OpenDesktop X-Windows. I have tried two boards so far :
-	STB VGA EM-16 Plus and the Orchid ProDesigner Plus.
-A special note to SCO, if you have seen Opendesktop executing in 1024x768
-non-interlaced mode on one of the supported or untested cards, please
-email me I would deeply appreciate it.
-We need non-interlaced!
-Paul A. Harmon
-ARINC Research Corp.
-2551 Riva Road 
-Annapolis, MD 21401
-(301) 266-4940
-pharmon%cdss at

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