WANTED: sendmail.cf which works with both TCP/IP and UUCP

Dipto Chakravarty dipto at umbc3.UMBC.EDU
Sun May 6 16:13:16 AEST 1990

Can someone please email me a sendmail.cf file which works correctly 
with both TCP/IP as well as UUCP based environment? 

I tried playing with the tcpproto.cf file that comes with ISC 386/ix
2.0.2 release and is designed to work with TCP/IP + UUCP. We have a
flat network here (no nameservers) with 7 machines on the Ethernet and
1 machine connected via UUCP i.e. it gets polled periodically to get +
send Internet mail.

The menu driven 'mailmgmt' utility looked hopeful but wasn't much
useful either.


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