ATI VGA1024 in ISC 386/ix problem with driver

David Anderson dave at
Thu May 24 23:48:32 AEST 1990

In article <2679 at> jonm at (Jonathan Meyer) writes:
>> I have an ATI VGA Wonder and I have no trouble using it in 800x600 16 colors
>> mode under X11R3 Version 1.1 (386/ix 2.02)
>> However 1024x768 is not supported.
>I on the other hand have an ATI VGA Wonder which works fine in
>800x600 except that it flakes out on VT switches. Talked with ISC
>about this, and concluded that it is very strange! Answer for me is
>to go to 8514/A ASAP.

Hmmmm, I've got an ATI VGA Wonder card myself, but have not had any luck
getting it to run in 800x600 mode.  Yes, I have installed the proper update
from ISC that included an ATIVGA driver for X Windows.  Anybody willing
to summarize just what it takes to get this mode operational?  Works great
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