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In article <35O3P93 at xds13.ferranti.com> peter at ficc.ferranti.com (Peter da Silva) writes:
-In article <5623 at seac.UUCP> wain at seac.UUCP (Wain Dobson) writes:
-- I'm getting the feeling that I am spoiled brat as to hardware. Just what 
-- is everyone running out there? It would seem that a bare bones UNIX 
-- machine, for personal use only, could be:
-- 	(1) 386SX 
-- 	(2) 4 Megs of memory
-- 	(3) Mouse
-- 	(4) Monochrome Card
-- 	(5) Monochrome Monitor
-- 	(6) 80 Meg drive
-- 	(7) ESDI/SCSI
-Less than that... what would be using the mouse for? you're not running
-X in that configuration.
-Anyone feel like running up a price on this thing? Sounds like something
-for the frequently asked questions file: "What's the cheapest way to get
-into UNIX on the 80386?".

Based on prices I just saw at a recent computer swap meet:

 	(1) 386SX 
               16mhz SX m'board w/ 0k RAM       US$300.00
               16/20mhz SX m'board w/ 0k RAM       350.00
               Baby AT case                         50.00
               200w P/S                             50.00
               101 key tactile keyboard             75.00 *
 	(2) 4 Megs of memory
              70ns SIMM @ 66.00/megabyte           264.00
 	(3) Mouse 
              Logitech Hirez Bus Mouse              75.00
 	(4) Monochrome Card
              Taiwan clone VGA (Paradise)          135.00
 	(5) Monochrome Monitor
              Page White VGA mono                  125.00
 	(6) 80 Meg drive                           500.00 *
 	(7) ESDI/SCSI                              350.00 *
                                                  1924.00 or
                                       subtotal   1974.00
        (8) ESIX SysV.3.2.D 1-2 User w/
            TCP/IP +
            X Windows +
            Software development + lots more       560.00 (list?)

* Don't really know, just guessing.  All prices are approximate, except
the SIMMs, which is what *I* went to buy.

I highly recommend spending the extra bucks and getting the VGA card and
using a mono VGA monitor; mono VGA monitors only being about $10.00 more
than Herc' mono monitors.  Then if you want a color monitor later, you'll
already have the adapter.  Plus, ESIX X Windows works just fine on the
mono monitor.

Note: I'm not advertising/selling anything.  I post these prices for their
information content only.  If you want to buy ESIX, call information in the
415 area code to find "the distributor near you."

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