IBM not a contender?

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In article <6755 at turnkey.TCC.COM> jackv at turnkey.TCC.COM (Jack F. Vogel) writes:
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]>Not to poke fun or insult users of AIX - it is a very low volume group because
]>AIX is not very widely used.  Not like SCO or Interactive.  That IS 
]>different.  IBM is not a contender with regard to its brand of unix.
]I can't resist a comment on this passing claim. I think your judgment is a
]bit hasty. AIX on the PS/2 was made generally available just about one year
]ago. AIX 1.2 for both the 370 mainframe family and the PS/2 became available
]about a month ago now. Similarly AIX on the 6000 workstation is just now
]becoming truely GA. Of course, the RT has been around for a while and I
]would agree that it was not a contender, but that is not the case with the
]6000 series, I doubt very much whether the powers that be at Sun and Dec
]share your glib judgment on IBM's potential as a contender. SCO and ISC's

No matter what IBM is doing, it is still not a contender.  It may be in the
future, but I'm not going to try to forecast what will be.  At this time,
there is no doubt that IBM is NOT a contender in the unix market.  That's why
they released the 6000 series.  Because they weren't.

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