Word Perfect for SCO Unix

Phil Kemp kemp at convex1.convex.com
Fri May 25 11:17:45 AEST 1990

kmcvay at oneb.UUCP (Ken McVay) writes:

>JB Marketing, the Canadian distributor of Word Perfect, tells me that
>the SCO Unix version of WP has not been released yet, but they were able
>to provide me with pricing.

I had the same confusing problem and finally got the following information
directly from WordPerfect, by way of my dealer in Calgary.

4.2 is out and runs on Xenix and I just installed it on my SCO UNIX
386SX clone.

5.0 is very nearly out for Xenix only.

5.1 will be out sometime in the late summer time frame...

>Anyone out there have an idea _when_ the product will be released?

By the way I have had no problems with 4.2 on SCO UNIX to this point. I am
disappointed however that I cannot get BitStreeam font support for WP 4.2
and support seems questionable for 5.0.

Good Luck

Phil Kemp
CONVEX Computer of Canada Ltd.
UUCP:kemp at convex.com

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