How Do I Reset Peripherals?

Danny danny at itm.uucp
Wed May 2 06:29:29 AEST 1990


    We have a couple of Mylex 33MHz 386s running Interactive's
UN*X.  Occasionally, the console will hang in a strange state,
graphics or somesuch.  I'd really like to reset it from elsewhere,
y'know?  I hate to re-boot all the time.  The console is a Relisys
RE5154E EGA color, and the card is an AutoEGA from STB Systems.

    Also, we've a Western Digital WD8003E Ethercard Plus that also
sometimes hangs.  I'd like to be able to software reset that, too.
I've tried the sequence:
        fd = open ("/dev/wd", O_RDWR);
        ioctl (fd, LDRESET, (char *) 0);
only to have ioctl return "Invalid argument".  I suppose it really
wants some sort of parameter, but I've no idea what.  LDRESET is
only mentioned in passing in llc(7) of the "386/ix TCP/IP Guide".
wd(7) doesn't mention board-level reset at all.

				Daniel S. Cox

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