For sale! SCP boards for Unisys 6000/50

John B. Milton jbm at uncle.uucp
Tue May 8 13:51:16 AEST 1990

I posted about this last week, don't think it got out.

I have for sale two (2) SCP boards (Serial Communication Processors) for a
Unisys 6000/50. The 6000/50 is a '386 box made by Convergent Technologies,
called the S250 by Convergent. The SCP is an eight port smart serial
card with an 80186 control processor and Zilog 8530 UARTs. There is *NO*
firmware on the card. All the operating software for the 80186 is downloaded
into the card at system startup. These boards are in like-new condition,
currently residing in a 6000/50. Up to five of these can be configured into a
6000/50. We have all the terminals at work going through one of these cards.
Although these are AT bus cards, they are very tall and have the serial
connectors across the top of the card, so putting one of these into a regular
'386 would be difficult. The driver and download code for this board come with
the UNIX provided by Unisys, although it might come with PC/CTIX from

I also have an I/O board for the 6000/50. This board IS NOT an AT board, no
way no how. It has one MBUS connector (custom Convergent 32 bit bus) and one
other 96 pin connector. It has: one PC-type serial port, two Zilog 8530 based
serial ports, a parallel port, a PC keyboard port, a UPS port, a SCSI port,
floppy controller, interrupt controller, DMA controller, etc. As only one of
these will work in a 6000/50 at a time, it could only be used to replace a
broken one, or kept as a spare.

All of the above mentioned boards will work in the Convergent S200 series,
which are the Unisys models 6000/5x. They may also work in the 6000/3x line,
but I doubt it and I don't know, never having seen one.

Yeah yeah, ok.

I'm asking $1000.00 for each board, which is 33% off list. I will pay UPS blue.

John Bly Milton IV, jbm at uncle.UUCP, n8emr!uncle!jbm at
(614) h:252-8544, w:469-1990; N8KSN, AMPR:; Don't FLAME, inform!

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