X11R4 on VGA

Thomas Roell roell at lan.informatik.tu-muenchen.dbp.de
Fri May 4 01:39:01 AEST 1990


There soon will be a X11R4 server for a normal VGA card available from
comp.sources.x . It run's on Interactives 386/ix 2.0.2 without any change.
Ports to other 386 UNIXes should be easy. 


  - support for Microsoft & Mouse Systems serial mice
  - multible VGA resolutions (640x480, 720x540, 864x606)
  - shared libraries
  - STREAMS connection between server and clients 
    (so no TCP/IP is needed!!)
  - most clients (except xdm, xmh & xhost) are running

If you want to compile X11R4, you should note that this requires aroud 80MBytes

Have fun with it,

- Thomas
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