Mountain Tape with SCO UNIX System V/386 r3.2

Roger Knopf 5502 rogerk at sco.COM
Wed May 9 06:48:06 AEST 1990

In article <936 at s6.Morgan.COM> amull at Morgan.COM (Andrew P. Mullhaupt) writes:
>I have installed a Mountain Filesafe TD4000 'floppy' tape drive
>(it uses DC2000 cartridges) in a dual boot DOS/UNIX system.  It
>works fine in DOS, but I can't get UNIX to do anything with it.

The Mountain 4000 comes without a drive select jumper. Their DOS
software does drive select without the jumper. Under SCO Unix or
Xenix you have to put a jumper on. Sorry, but I don't know how to
do it if it is not described in Mountain's literature I know they
have a tech support line which can describe this to you.

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