UUCP over ethernet

Daniel A. Graifer dag at fciva.FRANKLIN.COM
Wed May 2 23:36:22 AEST 1990

In article <1990May2.044758.22817 at cs.columbia.edu> ji at close.UUCP (John Ioannidis) writes:
>In article <70400005 at m.cs.uiuc.edu> carroll at m.cs.uiuc.edu writes:
>>I would like to have a local UUCP net running between my two machines over
>>ethernet. [...]
>It doesn't really make sense to run UUCP over ethernet. Why not use
>ftp or rcp (or just NFS) to transfer files, and sendmail for mail?
>In-Real-Life: John "Heldenprogrammer" Ioannidis

Don't knock this so quickly.  System V uucp has hooks in it to do this easily
for a reason.  I've been meaning to set this up myself.  Suppose you have a
file on machine a to copied to and processed on machine b. It is important 
that it get done eventually, but not that it happen immediately.  Mail solves
this with a whole hierarchy of daemons to maintain the sendmail queues.  It
would be nice to use the uucp and uux queueing mechanisms to accomplish this
for other tasks, rather than writing software to manage my own delayed remote
execution queues.

My Devconfig file contains comments describing how to get uucico/cu to push
streams modules onto a network interface.  My Devices file contains comments
on how to connect thru an NLS (Network Listener Service) thru an NSU (Network
Service Utility) as described in the comments in my Dialers file.  All of this
assumes that your ethernet conforms to the AT&T STREAMS transport interface.

If carroll at m.cs.uiuc.edu doesn't have these comments in the D* files supplied
with his/her uucp, and would like me to extract them from mine, please send
me E-mail.

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