hardware costs, again...

Richard Foulk richard at pegasus.com
Tue May 29 23:07:16 AEST 1990

>To put it in perspective, (Yes, I know this sounds like a plug), the new Sun SLC
>comes with
>	Monochrome 17" display (1152 X 900)
>	8 Mb RAM (expandable up to 40 some Meg)
>	12.5 MIPS (~8 SPECmarks)

Sun's new workstation is very nice for the price.  But it has nowhere
near the flexibility that a peecee type machine does in terms of

It helps to have a popular bus (or any bus at all), and lots of competition
keeping prices low on just about anything you could ever want to plug into
a computer -- Sun is still lacking it these areas.

As always, Sun's stuff shows great promise.  But it's still got a ways
to go to match a peecee for a large number of applications.

Richard Foulk		richard at pegasus.com

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