Mouse IRQ 5

Bill Mayhew wtm at uhura.neoucom.EDU
Mon May 28 06:15:43 AEST 1990

For what it is worth, I recently picked up a Mouse Systems optical
bus mouse (really bascially identical to the serial mouse, but with
a rather flexible 8250 port board included).

The included board has a short stubby second set of pins that allow
use in either an 8 bit or 16 bit slot.  In the 16 bit slot, one may
use the extra IRQs that are afforeded by the AT-ISA bus.  I have
mine set to IRQ 15.

At least that leaves IRQ 5 open for the second parallel port or,
perhaps, a tape drive.

I don't have X11, so I don't know how well the Mouse Systems mouse
would get along with Unix.  For the moment, the mouse is confinued
to use in the MS-DOS modality of my machine.


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