Telebit T2500 problem with internal 2400 modem

Todd Ogasawara todd at uhccux.uhcc.Hawaii.Edu
Mon Sep 3 17:21:44 AEST 1990

Has anyone else had problems dialing into a Telebit T2500 with PC internal
2400 baud modems? Here's my problem. I can dial into my Interactive UNIX
2.2 system equipped with two T2500 modems with a variety of other high and
low speed modems (T2500, T1000, Hayes 1200, Worldport 1200, Everex Evercom
24, and Everex 24+) with and without MNP 5. However, if I try to dial into
the T2500 with an internal 2400 bps modem (in this case and Everex Internal
24+ or a Toshiba T5100 2400bps internal modem), I cannot get a connection.
The T2500 just cycles through the various protocols and I never get a sync.
I've tried a variety of workarounds: adding ",,,," to the end of the phone
number (e.g., ATDT 123-4567,,,,), turning off MNP, etc.

Oddly enough, if I step the PC internal modem (either the Everex or the
Toshiba) down to 1200 baud, i can lock in and get into the T2500 and then
login to my UNIX box.

It is pretty important for me to be able to have a variety of low speed
modems that can get into my UNIX box with T2500 modems. Any fixes out
there? Do I need to dump my Telebit modems and buy US Robotics? ...todd
Todd Ogasawara, U. of Hawaii
UUCP:		{uunet,ucbvax,dcdwest}!ucsd!nosc!uhccux!todd
ARPA:		uhccux!todd at nosc.MIL		BITNET: todd at uhccux

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