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Wiljo Heinen wiljo at freesid.mamnix.quest.sub.org
Mon Sep 3 04:16:58 AEST 1990

einhorn at hydra.unm.edu (E Drew Einhorn ADV.SCI.Inc) writes:

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>They are running UNIX System V/386 Release 3.2 from Bell Technologies
>(I believe Bell Technologies was gobbled up by Intel).

>When a large file is uucp'ed onto their system everything goes fine for
>the first few kbytes of the file then everything shifts to SLOW mode.
>I believe the scheduler on their machine is starving the uucico process
>for cpu time.

>I tried to transfer a test file onto their system.  During the first
>few seconds the lights on my modem blinked normally.  (We have Telebit
>T2500s on each end.  I believe they are correctly configured).  After a
>few seconds the RD and SD lights go dark.  I can see my machine
>periodically time out and retransmit.  Every once in a while their
>machine wakes up and a few packets are exchanged.

For me this looks like the standard asy-driver prob. With R3.2 the
asy driver just doesn't catch up with the 19200 or so baud. It loses
bytes which then gives rise to new syncing between the two ends
and a re-send request. Sending is not the prob, as T2500 always
catches the data. (Just try uucico -x for debugging and watch out
for errors/resends).

I had the same probs with ISC 2.0.2 until I switched to 16550A SIOs
and the FASY fast asy drivers. Now everything is fine.

>Any suggestions?

well - these were my $0.02 worth...

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