Which 386 UNIX binaries run on which 386 UNIXs ?

Jim McKim mckim at mildred.lerc.nasa.gov
Thu Sep 6 03:18:59 AEST 1990

In article <1990Sep3.095529.29411 at brolga.cc.uq.oz.au> exnirad at brolga.cc.uq.oz.au (Nirad Sharma) writes:
>I am running SCO XENIX 2.3.2 ('386 version) and am wondering if some binaries
>from an ESIX system will run on my system, more specifically gcc, emacs and
>X11R4 as found at (I got the site from an article posted here).
>Furthermore, could someone please explain whose binaries run on whose 386-UNIXs?

There have been comments here recently that ESIX binaries don't run well
under IX.  I tried running some on a system here (Intel) - no luck.
I get a "bad system call" error.  It looks like ESIX has some additional or
different system calls in their kernel that aren't in other 386 unixes.  The
effect seems to be: ESIX will probably run other ABI conformant binaries but
stuff created under ESIX is not so portable (GRRR!).

Somebody let me know if I am wrong.
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