ISC 2.2 and 2 disk controllers (ST506/SCSI)

Chris Wiener cwiener at crlabs.CRLABS.COM
Sun Sep 2 03:28:33 AEST 1990

I have recently upgraded from 2.0.2 to 2.2 and found that the 2.2 kernel
with SCSI support built in will not boot.  My configuration is as follows:

Primary DTC 7280 1:1 MFM ST506 controller with ST4096 Seagate 80M drive.

Secondary Adaptec 1542B SCSI controller with Wren V 660M drive set up as
LUN 0.

According to the /etc/conf/kconfig.d/hpddinfo file:

The HPDD configuration selected is as follows:

Primary Controller:
    Standard AT controller
    Number of disk drives:        2   (maximum supported)
    Interrupt Vector:             14

Secondary Controller:
    SCSI controller:              Adaptec AHA-1540,154XA,1640
    Number of disk drives:        4   (maximum supported)
    Interrupt Vector:             11

RAM disk:  none

reason for upgrading was the addition of an Exabyte 8mm tape drive (which
I still haven't connected yet).

In previous articles, people have talked about hardware conflicts, however
according to the controller documentation I have, there are no IRQ, DMA,
or port address overlaps.  I have the floppy controller on the SCSI controller
disabled (as I did under 2.0.2).

It's hard to believe that this configuration doesn't work.  Certainly there
must be lots of people with the same controller mix.  My motherboard is a
Dyna SX/386-20 and along with both controllers is listed in ISC's list of
compatabile hardware.

Anyone who has this configuration working under 2.2 please let me know how
you did it.  ISC people - I would be willing to beta test a version of the
driver that works!

Please email or call me at 1-800-631-2524 Ext 254 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm EDT with
any hints ( or beta versions ;-) ).

Chris Wiener
CR Labs
Fort Lee, NJ

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