ANSI-C compatible cc in SysV??

Art Neilson art at
Tue Sep 4 07:03:22 AEST 1990

In article <9395 at ubc-cs.UUCP> rlin at (Robert Lin) writes:
>Is the cc in Interactive System V 3.2 ANSI-C compatible? I tested cc
>on a small program with function prototyping ANSI style, and cc promptly
>choked. Looking through the cc man page reveals no special switch for
>ANSI C compatibility.

Well, this depends on which version if ISC UNIX you are running.  The
answer is no for releases earlier than 2.2.  Release 2.2 comes with
LPI C, which they call "New C".  Unfortunately I don't recommend using
lpicc as it has quite a number of problems.  You'd be much better off
getting the latest incarnation of the GNU C compiler, available from
many ftp sites and public access UNIX systems. GNU C is fully ANSI
compliant, and generates pretty tight 386 code.

>Second question, is it possible get allow root to log into a virtual
>terminal, instead of being restricted to using the console?

Comment out the line in /etc/default/login which reads:


You can comment it out by putting a '#' before the 'C' in CONSOLE.

While you are at it, you may want to change:


and set ULIMIT=4096 to ULIMIT=nnnnn

Where nnnnn is some large number like 32767.
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