Does Microport offer Updates to its users?

wolf paul wnp at iiasa.AT
Wed Sep 5 22:20:38 AEST 1990

In article <1990Sep3.211648.7721 at> tim at (Timothy Murphy) writes:
>In <1737 at ssbn.WLK.COM> bill at ssbn.WLK.COM (Bill Kennedy) writes:
>  (Bill's comments on Microport deleted -- suffice it to say that
>   they were not very complimentary.  -wnp)
>This is ridiculously unfair.
>I've been running Microport Unix V/386 for a couple of years now,
>and feel it's a pretty good product -- certainly for the price.
>It's not the best Unix I've seen, but it's not the worst either.
> ...
>Microport is the nearest I've seen to a really cheap home Unix system.

But that is exactly where the problem lies: Bill does not use UNIX as
a cheap home system, but to conduct a business, which makes
reliability and expert support somewhat more crucial. And Microport
did not advertise their products as "cheap home systems."

I have used Microport's 286 product for five years to run a
typesetting operation in six different languages, and have used their
386 product as a home system, and have been reasonably satisfied; but
then I didn't use the standard PC com ports, but an intelligent
six-port card with third-party drivers, and I didn't do much software
development: it was in these two areas that the 286 product stank
most: serial drivers, and the C compiler. The serial port problem
continued right on into the 386 product. If I had had to rely on 
either of these, I might share Bill's opinion.
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