multi-Boot solution

Robert Lin rlin at
Mon Sep 3 07:23:59 AEST 1990

Summarizing the multi-boot question I posted last night (and was immediately
answered by kind netlanders, I love it!), here are the two possible 
candidates. First, Harri Valkama LAKE wrote and told me about mfdisk,
a program on ( at pc/source/mfdisk.zoo.

I've just downloaded mfdisk, and haven't tested it out yet. It appears to
multi-boot between four partitions; DOS, Xenix, MINIX, UNIX. 

Another reply came from Antonio Pastore, at antoniop at
He wrote a program called HDBOOT.COM, which also does the same as mfdisk.
He'd post the source if given sufficient interest; I suggest people who
want this petition him to kindly post.

Thanks all for the help, it's much appreciated.

-Robert Lin 

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