MMU 440, cheap 4 port

Craig W. Shaver cws at
Sat Sep 1 01:40:09 AEST 1990

Several people have asked where to get cheap 4 port asynch boards.  The only
one I have found is the MU-440 made by DFI and which is a knock off of 
the AST 4 port serial board.  I have not seen any AST 4 port boards 
advertised for several years now.  This board allows you to set the 
interrupts so that all 4 ports will generate an interrupt on the same
line.  There are other setups allowed also.

Anyway, the board is available from:

	Microline Computers
	46757 Fremont Blvd
	Fremont, CA 94538
	(415) 770-1900

My most recent information is from a dealer price list and for quantity
2 to 10 the price is $115.00.  A 1 year older retail price list from the
same group had a price of $169.00.

Craig W. Shaver

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