2 hardrives of different interfaces allowed to coexist in PC UNIX?

Wiljo Heinen wiljo at freesid.mamnix.quest.sub.org
Mon Sep 3 03:31:14 AEST 1990

johnk at opel.COM (John Kennedy) writes:

[about the possibility of running both an ST-506 and an SCSI controller
 simultaneously on ISC 2.2]

>Anyone had any luck with this?  Followups to comp.unix.i386.

Don't know yet...

I'm gonna try next week. I already gave it a (non-succeeding) try. According
to my vendor you _have_ to jumper the 'secondary' SCSI drive to DMA chan. 6,
as ISC will use this for any secondary SCSI no matter what type the
primary controller is.

As I said - I'll try next week and then I'll inform you about the correctness
of this theory.

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