Does Microport offer Updates to its users?

Richard Ducoty rduc at uport.UUCP
Mon Sep 3 01:09:33 AEST 1990

randy at rls.UUCP (Randall L. Smith) writes:

>In article <863 at iiasa.UUCP>, wnp at iiasa.AT (wolf paul) writes:
>> It would be REALLY USEFUL if someone OFFICIAL from MICROPORT could
>> comment on all this, posting from "uport" so we know it's from the
>> horse's mouth.

I'll try to answer some of these questions, I work at Microport - but
I don't determine policy or products.  

>> We've had randy at rls say there will be no 386/3.2, chad at anasaz quoting
>> Brian at Microport as saying there will be a 286/3.2, etc.

There is a good possibility of a 386/3.2.2 upgrade and *upgrade path*
as for a 286/3.2 ??? not that I know of.  You must understand companies
don't like to tell the world their game plan.  Most companies wouldn't
even tell you this much.  So until product announcements are actually
made - *all* of this is just speculation - and anyone who tries to tell
you different is just guessing.

>> If they are not going to offer any kind of update/upgrade path for
>> owners of their 386/3.0e product, then I personally think that we
>> should all forget about doing business with them.

Where did you get the idea we wouldn't offer an upgrade path from
3.0 -> 3.2  if 3.2 becomes available?

>Forgive my ignorance, and please explain the benefits of an "upgrade path"
>when 4.0 will deliver all that 3.2 has and more.  If its price you're
>worried about, my guess is it should be announced when the "official"
>release comes out.  Just curious.

Some people might not need all the power of 4.0  - version 3.x can still
do a lot and it isn't a large as 4.0.  If a person were upgrading from
3.0 he could go to 3.2 for less money than 4.0.  

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