AT&T V.3.2.2 on Zenith 386sx

Admin root at bassette.UUCP
Thu Sep 6 12:06:19 AEST 1990


Ok, now that I have that off my chest...

Just bought a Zenith 386sx that I was assured would run the AT&T V.3.2.2 unix
I have at work. Idea was to put on the 386sx freeing our 386/20 for some more
"serious" work.

Problem is that when I go to do the install, the disk starts spinning, and I
see the "Booting the Unix System..." message, then after about a minute, 
the system locks up solid.

Tried the first disk on the 386/20, and it appears that the lock-up occurs 
when the install script goes out to check the available memory.

Any help GREATLY appreciated. You can contact me during the day at:
 (612) 541-0483 if you feel generous, or send me mail.

Ewan Grantham

Creative Computer Technologies
Ewan Grantham ..!orbit!bassette!egranthm

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