Need help to get AutoCAD to run on Interactive

John Sparks sparks at corpane.UUCP
Sat Sep 1 00:41:10 AEST 1990

AutoDesk has a version of AutoCAD out for SCO-Unix (xenix, whatever) but
it won't run under Interactive Unix. 

Now, why they did such a thing is beyond me. Seems like they would want their
market to be as broad based as possible and write AutoCAD to work on as many
Unix platforms as possible. But they didn't. They wrote some SCO specific
code into the ADI driver (this is what our programmers here have told me)
and it won't work on anything other than SCO. Foolishly we bought it thinking
it would work on Interactive.

I am writing this on the hopes that maybe someone else out there has found
a way to get it to work on Interactive? Or has any hints or clues as to
how we can get it to work?

Oh, We tried calling Autodesk and I have sent email to them a few times on the
subject but they don't return the mail and they do a pretty good phone shuffle
with no specific answer on the phone. The best we can get is a non-comittal
'we may do that in the future'

If anyone else out there wants to see AutoCAD on Interactive or any other 
'386 version of Unix (they support Sun already) please call AutoCAD and
complain about their SCO only policy. Is SCO paying some sort of kickback
or something??? I doubt it, but it sure looks fishy. I mean 99% of the code
looks like it would work on any Unix system, they just need to write the
driver for it. Matter of fact the binaries even seem to work on our
machine, but it crashes because of the ADI device. We can get the ACAD
startup menu and everything. Just can't get into autocad main program.

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