yacc Problem on 386 based System V

Tom Maszerowski tcm at moscom.UUCP
Wed Sep 5 04:07:06 AEST 1990

I was wondering if anyone has had problems with yacc on 386 machines. We
are running UNIX System V/386 Release 3.2.2 from Microsoft on a 25 Mhz
386 PC. This is our target machine. We do most of our development on a
Sun4 and then copy sources over to the smaller machine to build release
software. This has not been a problem until recently when a .y file that
yacc on the Sun handles fine bombs on the 386. The output looks like

conflicts: 17 shift/reduce, 89 reduce/reduce

 fatal error: out of space, line 441

conflicts: 17 shift/reduce, 89 reduce/reduce

This file was originally purchased from AT&T as part of the source for
nawk and then modified. The original does make it through 386 yacc with
output like this:

conflicts: 16 shift/reduce, 79 reduce/reduce

We would like to know what space yacc is referring to here ( yes we RTFM
but it doesn't have anything on errors ). None of us here are yacc experts
so if there is something in the system we could tweek it would be a lot
easier. BTW, 386 bison handles this just fine, we can't use it due to
it's licensing requirements.

Thanks in advance.

Tom Maszerowski	tcm at moscom.com
**NOTE changed addresses!!

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